“My First Housecall” -by Dr. Chloe Salzmann

Weissbluth Pediatrics is now offering housecall visits to families throughchloe hc2out Chicago! Here are Dr. Chloe Salzmann’s thoughts on her first housecall visit earlier this week:

“Thank you to a very wonderful WP family for your hospitality and fabulous first housecall experience! It was an amazing change of pace and environment to be able to provide medical care for children in the comfort of their own home. I felt so welcome, and the visit was very similar to my visits to my sister’s house to check out my nephews when they’ve been sick. And that’s the point!

During typical visits in the office, I discuss treatment plans or starting medicine with families and often rchloe hc3eassure them by telling them “this is what I’d do if it was my family.” Now we have the opportunity to take that a step further by treating our WP patient families as our own family and going to them when they’re not feeling well!
The calming environment of the home, and the helpful distractions of favorite toys and comfortable surroundings really can make a big difference to children when they’re not feeling their best.
I am looking forward to my next house call!
-Dr. Chloe Salzmann”
If you are interested in this service, please give our office a call at 312-202-0300 to find out more! You can also download our Housecall Finder to see if you are in range for a visit!

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