Holiday Safety Tips from WP

At Weissbluth Pediatrics, we received some seasonal questions about the holidays, so we thought we’d post some tips for parents.  Happy Holidays from all of us!

1) Adults should help young children with assembly of toys with small parts and monitor them while playing with them to avoid possible choking hazards.

2) If toys come with batteries, adults should put them in the toys and make sure they are secured. Extra batteries should be kept out of reach of children. If there is any concern that a child has swallowed a battery (especially the smaller button batteries), go to the closest emergency department.

3) Children under 8 yrs should not play with uninflated or popped balloons.

4) Remove tags, strings, ribbons from toys before giving to young children.

5) Avoid putting hot foods or drinks near edge of table, especially if on a table cloth, which small children may pull down.

6) Remember that not all friends or families homes are “child-proofed,” and keep a close eye on young children in a new environment.

7) Traveling, having visitors, and the excitement of the holidays can be stressful on children, too! Try your best to keep kids on their typical daily routines, including sleep routines and bedtimes to eliminate extra stress.

8) Holidays are a great time for socializing and working on projects or games together. There are plenty of things to do other than screen time! Try to limit to less than 2 hrs for kids over 2 yrs and try to avoid all together in babies and kids less than 2 yrs.

9) Give to others – it’s a great time of year to teach older children how to reach out and help others who are less fortunate. Whether it’s a toy donation or actually volunteering as a family to serve warm meals, it’s a great time to show your kids how to give back and appreciate all they have!

10) Take care of yourself! Your kids know when you’re stressed out and that rubs off on them. So remember to take time for yourself and relax each day.

Weissbluth Pediatrics

Chloe and Dan


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