WP BabyGuide iPhone App

WP_facebookAd_WPLOGOAt WP, We give all of our digital tools to our families.  Our Weissbluth Infant Nap App, from 2010, is not working well on the newest iPhone so we have created the WP Baby Guide as the next evolution of this popular digital tool.  If you are a family of WP and would like this App, respond to this post or blog and we will send you a free copy!

Have a great weekend,

Daniel Weissbluth



5 thoughts on “WP BabyGuide iPhone App

  1. Hi,

    I did just download all the apps and ended up deleting the one you were saying was giving some trouble. I would love to try the new one you mentioned in the blog!! Thanks. Also, I know you have told me I don’t have to pay for the apps, should have I asked you guys first before I downloaded and bought??!! Thanks 🙂

    Nicki Barr


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