Happy National Nutrition Month! by Dr. Chloe Salzmann

At WP, nutrition is important!  One of the easiest ways to keep children and the entire family healthy is the AAP’s 5-2-1-0 plan.

5 – servings of fruits and veggies per day;
Start meal planning! If you have a fruit along with a bowl of cereal or egg in the morning, there’s 1. If you have a veggie and a fruit at lunch, you’ve got 2 more, and if you have a fruit or veggie for a snack before dinner and a veggie with dinner, you’ve made it to 5 servings per day! Not only are fruits/veggies nutritious, but they also help keep the digestive tract regular and keep us full and from craving junk food!

2 – Limit screen time to 2 hours per day! Whether it’s TV, computer, cell phones – limit it to 2 hrs maximum in children. If your child is under 2 yrs, no screen time is actually recommended. Interact with your kids with reading, playing, etc.

1 – 1 hour of exercise daily!! It doesn’t have to be all at once, but one hour of activity that keeps the heart rate elevated is what children need each day. Get creative! It can be running and playing tag, dancing, or walking the dog.

0 – Zero junk food and sugary drinks on a regular basis! After 12 months of age, babies transition to whole milk but should also be maintaining hydration with water. After 2 yrs, toddlers should transition to 1% or skim milk, but should be drinking mostly water.

The best way to keep kids healthy and on the right track with 5-2-1-0 is if the entire family is participating! It’s time for some Spring cleaning so get rid of the junk food in the cabinets and pick up some fresh fruits and veggies!

If you have questions about your child’s nutrition, call us at 312-202-0300 to schedule a consult with one of our providers.  Have a great week and a healthy month!

-Dr. Chloe Salzmann


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