Spring Break Safety Tips by Dr Diana Metropulos

Spring Break chalkboard

Here are a few reminders to keep your family safe on your trips this Spring!

1. Pool Safety

  • Constant adult supervision while children are in the pool! That means no cell phones or magazines when children are swimming.
  • ­ Use appropriate flotation devices for young children who are unable to swim. Even with these devices, an adult needs to be constantly with the child.
  • ­ Swim in supervised pools and beaches with lifeguards on duty.
  • ­ Watch signs on beaches for tide warnings as it may be too dangerous to swim even for experienced swimmers.
  • This may be a good time to get your children signed up for swimming lessons!

2. Sun Protection

  • Avoid times when the sun is the strongest: primarily 10 AM – 4 PM. Plan for other fun family activities or naps!
  • ­ Wear sun shirts or rashguards for the little ones with built in UV protection.
  • ­ Wide brimmed hats protect those faces and look adorable too.
  • ­ Sun glasses provide UV protection for children’s eyes.
  • ­ If over 6 months old, use sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30. Don’t forget to reapply after swimming, toweling off or at least every 2 hours. Apply 30 minutes before going outdoors.
  • ­ If your child is under 6 months, best to avoid direct sun exposure. You can also find swimming bodysuits with UV protection that provide lightweight coverage and UV protection. For areas that will be exposed, may use sunscreen if over 2 months old.

Hope these tips help! Don’t forget to have fun!

If you have any other questions, contact us at our office

­ Dr. Diana Metropulos


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