Heat Exhaustion Prevention – Dr Chloe Salzmann

As we are all so hopeful for summer weather, let’s talk about heat exhaustion and it’s prevention.

The AAP recommends the following in regards to preventing heat exhaustion in children:

1) If the heat index is high and there are heat warnings, any outdoor activities 15 minutes or more should be reduced or avoided if possible with younger children.
2) Getting used to hot weather should be gradual. Start with a short duration outdoors on the first day and gradually increase day by day. This goes for baby’s first summer or vacation as well as older kids.
3) Before any outdoor or strenuous activity, children should be allowed to drink freely so that they are not thirsty by the time the activity starts. Children should be allowed frequent breaks (as often as every 20 minutes) for water and rest.
4) Clothing should be lightweight and light in color. If it becomes saturated with sweat, change it out for clean dry clothing.
5) If children begin feeling lightheaded, nauseated, or dizzy, they should be removed from the heat and allowed to rest and drink water.

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