Car Seat Safety – Dr Diana Metropulos

It can be extremely overwhelming and difficult to install your car seat properly, and just as difficult to put your infant in the seat (as Prince William demonstrates below). The latest research shows almost all parents make a crucial mistake in installing their car seat or putting their child into the car seat. To help minimize these mistakes there are resources in the community to ensure that your child is the safest they can be while traveling.


Below is a link to one of many great websites from Parents Central through the National Highway Traffic Safety Association that walks you through the different car seats with instructional videos to install car seats.­Seat­Safety.htm 

In addition there are certified technicians that are available to inspect your car seat as it is installed in your car. These locations are listed on this site based on your zip code: 

I would just recommend calling ahead prior to heading there to ensure a certified technician is available. Let us know if you have any further questions and let’s keep our kids safe on the road!

Dr. Diana


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