Dog Safety – Dr Chloe Salzmann

With the warm weather, hopefully around the corner and here to stay, Chicagoans and their pets need to get out and get some fresh air! Here are just a few reminders about dog safety to prevent the (over 2 million) dog bites in children that occur each year.
As dog owners:child-dog-icecream
  • Pick a good fit dog for a family.
  • Gradually socialize your dog in several different situations.
  • Train your dog. Avoid aggressive play (tug o’ war, wrestling).
  • Vaccinate your dog. Keep vaccine records on your dog should a bite every occur.
As parents:
  • Never leave a baby or small child unattended with a dog, no matter how friendly or well-trained!
  • Teach older children how to approach dogs and not to run past dogs.
  • Teach children not to touch or approach dogs while feeding, sleeping, or mama dogs while nursing.
  • If a bite does occur, seek medical attention and get the dog owner’s contact information and dog’s vaccine history.
Below are some additional articles from the AAP
– Dr Chloe

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