Sun Safety in the Summer time – Dr Asha Ramachandran

Summer is here (finally!!) and we want to make sure our families are well protected and educated when it comes to Sun Safety:

Here are a few simple rules:

sun shade

  • Because sunscreen is not recommended in infants under 6 months of age – be sure to protect them by keeping them out of direct sunlight by finding shade under a tree, an umbrella or stroller canopy.
  • Dress children and yourself in cool, comfortable clothing that covers the body – light cotton long sleeve pants with a tight weave are ideal. You can also invest in clothing with UPF (UV protection factor).
  • Wear a hat and sunglasses with 99% UV protection
  • Limit sun exposure during high intensity times (10-4pm)



Sunscreen is our Friend!! Use it generously!! An SPF of 15-30 is adequate for most people and up to SPF 50 is recommended – look for a broad spectrum sunscreen that screens out UVB and UVA rays and try to avoid ingredients like Oxybenzone in sunscreens.

  • Put sunscreen on 15-30 min prior to going outdoors as it needs time to absorb in to skin.
  • Remember a cloudy day still means that you need sunscreen as a large amount of the sun’s UV rays can get through the clouds.
  • Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours
  • While sunscreen is not recommended under 6 months of age – if you are going to be in intense sun without the possibility of shade it is okay to use a small amount sparingly to areas that cannot be covered – being careful to avoid the babies eyes and pay close attention to any reactions:

Enjoy the summer sunshine and stay protected and safe!

-Dr. Asha Ramachandran

For more information on sun safety and when to call your Pediatrician for Sunburns refer to:


2 thoughts on “Sun Safety in the Summer time – Dr Asha Ramachandran

  1. Hello:

    Thank you for the letter. I do think there is a small typo in the 4th bullet point: “While sunscreen is not recommended after 6 months of age”

    Should this be “before”?

    Thank you, Manvi Maker

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