Home Safety – Dr Chloe Salzmann

It’s National Home Safety Month! 

Let’s talk about how to make baby’s home as safe as possible…
  1. If using changing tables or any elevated furniture to change or lay the baby on, always be within arm’s reach to prevent falls.
  2. child - window safteyUse cord-less window treatments and avoid string or ribbon crib decorations to avoid potential strangulation risks.
  3. Use cribs that meet current standards (see healthychildren.org – Crib Standards for further recommendations – several older cribs with drop sides have been recalled).
  4. Have babies sleep on their backs on flat mattress pads with no extras in the crib – no heavy blanket, pillows, stuffed animals, toys, etc.Child pulls to the socket
  5. Make sure the smoke detector and CO2 detectors are working appropriately throughout the house.
  6. Keep window guards on windows that are at a level babies and young children can reach
  7. If using night-lights throughout house, make sure they are not close to curtains or other flammable materials.
  8. Keep outlet covers on all reachable outlets.
For further information, see healthychildren.org. Have a safe summer!

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