Playground Safety – Dr Zeba Hasan

Safety on the Playground

Playground pic

Now that nicer weather is finally here, our families are spending more time outdoors and at the park! Let’s make sure everyone stays safe with these playground safety tips.

Check if the equipment is safe:

  • Is the equipment the right size for your child?
  • Can children reach moving parts that might pinch or trap a body part?
  • What’s underneath the equipment? Surfaces that absorb impact are ideal to help prevent serious injury.
  • Is wooden play equipment free of splinters and nails or screws that stick out?

Climbing structures:

  • If the platform is higher than 30 inches, it should have guardrails or barriers.
  • Vertical & horizontal spaces should be either less than 3.5 inches wide or greater than 9 inches wide, to prevent a small child’s head from getting trapped.

Slides:playground pic - slide

  • Metal slides should ideally be in the shade as the surface can get very hot and potentially cause burns.
  • The top of the slide should have a hood or other device on top that requires the child to sit when going down.


  • There should be plenty of room around the swings: the distance in front of and behind the swing should be twice the height of the suspending bar.
  • Make sure open or “S” hooks on swing chains are closed to form a figure 8.
  • There should be at least 24 inches between swings and no more than 2 seat swings in the same section of the structure.

For more information, check out this great page at

Stay safe!

-Dr. Zeba


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  1. Reblogged this on Bustamante.Pediatrics.Blog and commented:
    Today we’d like to share an article on outside safety written by Dr. Zeba with Weissbluth Pediatrics. The weather might be so hot that we don’t even want to go outside at times, but children tend to love the park, so it’s best to be on our toes and know what to keep an eye out for!

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