Happy Fourth of July! – Dr Diana Metropulos

Happy 4th of July!! Hope you are all excited for the long weekend and fun activities with your family this weekend!


Here are some safety tips to remember for this 4th of July;

  • Although fireworks are illegal in Illinois many people will cross into other states to buy fireworks. It is very dangerous for children to handle any fireworks. Find a local public fireworks display to enjoy instead!
  • Fireworks can get loud, you can buy ear plugs for the little ones to protect their ears at any drug store.
  • Never pick up a used firework as this may set off and cause very severe burns, hand injuries, amputations (!) etc.
  • Sparklers are OK for older children as long as they hold them at arms length away from themselves and 6 feet away from other people. We do NOT recommend them for younger children as they can cause burns!

Have Fun! Dr. Diana


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