Back to School Tips! – Dr Diana Metropulos

It’s that time of year again! As we gear up for the start of the school year here are a couple tips to make sure your kids are fully prepared!

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1. Sleep hygiene:

Summer is often a time when bedtimes become more relaxed. At least 1 week prior to the start of the school year get your children back into the habit of an early bedtime and getting up earlier in the day. Even during the school year it’s recommended to keep a consistent bedtime on weekends in order to prevent sluggish Mondays!

2. Kindergarten readiness:

If you haven’t already it’s good to start practicing writing letters especially your child’s name at home. Also learning their numbers and letters is a good way to get a head start prior to the school year. Make it a fun game throwing a ball outside, etc. Make sure the TV, IPAD’s, etc are off during this time in order to help them with concentration!

3. After School Activities:

It’s a fun time to look ahead to the school year and find after school activities that fits your child’s interests. Music, sports, an extra language, etc is a good way to stimulate other areas of their brain and help for success in the future! Take advantage of Fall and Spring in Chicago to get them out of the house and some exercise!

Just a few things to think about! Don’t forget, school year forms are due very soon! Make your appointment at the office for your child’s annual school physical!

Dr. Diana


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