Travel Safety – Airplanes

Travel Safety – Airplanes

I recently was on an airplane and thought of the challenges that many parents face of traveling with an infant. Although it is not common practice, the recommendation from the Federal Aviation Administration is to have children in a child restraint system while on the airplane. While airlines do not require children less than 2 years of age to have their own seat, the FAA doeairplane child restraint - DM blog posts promote using a child restraint system, similar to a car seat in an automobile. In fact, some car seats are compatible with use in airplane seats. The FAA website has a handy tip sheet for using child restraint systems; FAA – child safety tips 

A friend of mine who is a pediatrician did use this in the airplane with her child and felt like he was more comfortable and secure in the seat than just using the lap belt itself. Another advantage of taking your car seat with….using it at your destination.

Just a thought for the next time you fly!

Dr. Diana Metropulos


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