READING TO YOUR BABY – Dr Asha Ramachandran

When is the right time to start reading to your child? The Answer: right away. Studies have shown
that reading to your child – especially starting in the time frame between birth and kindergarten age not only fosters a strong bond between parent and child but also improves brain activity and literacy skills. Besides that, it is also a special time to share with your child and fun activity they will always remember. Who doesn’t remember reading bedtime stories?reading to your baby

Reading aloud to your infant teaches them about;

  • Communication
  • Introduces colors and numbers
  • Helps build memory and vocabulary skills

By the time a child is 1 year of age they have learned all the sounds needed to speak. The more words and language they hear the better their speech skills will be. Infants may not be able to understand what a book is saying but will enjoy colors, shapes, faces and the closeness reading with a parent brings.

By 4-6 months of age babies enjoy grabbing at the book and exploring them with their hands and their mouths.

Between 6-12 monthreading to your childs of age children can understand pictures of objects and may develop
preferences for certain pictures, pages and stories. Read aloud to your child daily – take a few minutes here and there (you don’t even have to finish the book) and focus on the pages and stories they seem to enjoy. Reading also helps establish a bedtime routine giving you plenty of time to cuddle and calm your child before sleep.

For more information check out: – Reading to your child – Parent-Child Reading and Story Time – Promote Brain Development Prior to Kindergarten

Find out what your child’s favorite book is tonight!

Dr. Asha


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