Colic Tips – Dr Zeba Hasan

What is Colic? In otherwise healthy, well­-fed babies, signs of colic can include:colic pic

  • Predictable crying episodes, often in the late afternoon or evening. They can last a few minutes to three hours or more.
  • Intense or inconsolable crying. Baby may be extremely difficult, or impossible, to console.
  • Crying that occurs for no obvious reason.
  • Usually starts a few weeks after birth, and usually improves by 3 months of age.

What Causes Colic? Unfortunately, doctors don’t know exactly what causes colic. Most often, colic means that a child is unusually sensitive to stimulation or cannot “self-sooth
e”. Baby’s immature nervous system probably contributes to these issues as well.

Things You Can Try:

  • Talk with your pediatrician to make sure the crying is not related to something m
    ore serious.
  • For nursing mothers, sometimes eliminating milk products or caffeine from the maternal diet can make a difference.
  • For formula fed babies, sometimes switching to a protein­hydrosylate formula (made specifically for babies with a milk allergy) can be helpful.
  • Avoid overfeeding baby.
  • Walk your baby in a carrier to soothe them.
  • Rock baby, run the vacuum or other white noise.
  • Consider introducing a pacifier.
  • Swaddle baby so they feel secure & warm.

Remember, never shake your baby! When you’re feeling tense or anxious, have a family member or friend look after the baby, and get out of the house if you can. Even an hour or two away can make a huge difference! Let your OB or pediatrician know if you are having depressed thoughts or think you might have postpartum depression, or the “baby blues”.

For more information, check out this page at Colic


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