Toss The Baby Monitor!

** Dr. Dan will be kicking off Weissbluth Pediatrics’ Speaker Series on May 9th at 6:30 PM at South Loop Elementary School with a talk on “Preparing Your Infant For Healthy Sleep”. The event is catered and open to parents/families both within and outside of our practice, however space is limited so an RSVP is required. Details can be found below!


Oftentimes parents who are struggling to teach their child self-soothing techniques will use a baby monitor. They admit that they can “hear them anyway”, but they insist that the monitor helps reduce overnight anxiety. However, baby monitors sabotage parents who are sleep training their child in three different ways:

  1. The monitor itself has an LED power light that emits artificial light which, in the nursery, can disrupt the child’s sleep
  2. If the monitor has a video feed feature, one or both of the parents is liable to stay up all night watching their child on a back-lit screen, furthering their own exhaustion.
  3. Most importantly, the monitor lowers the threshold for which one of the parents thinks that their child needs them. Little sounds, movements, squeaks, and small noises are misinterpreted as the child being hungry, or in more discomfort than they actually are. This misinterpretation causes the parents to rush in too early before the child can soothe themselves, or it can make the parents think their child is ready to start the day before that truly is the case.

Except for certain specific medical cases, there is no indication that baby monitors prevent SIDS in otherwise healthy term infants. There are a small amount of scenarios wherein monitors are ok to use, and we’ll cover this and many other sleep topics for expectant and new parents at the first talk in our upcoming speaker series (RSVP link below!) – we look forward to seeing you there!

Loose that Baby Monitor!

Dr. Dan Weissbluth


To RSVP, please call 312-202-0361, and/or click here to head over to our Facebook event and select “Going”. We’ll be sure to send everyone who RSVP’s a follow up email to confirm their reserved spot for the talk! (*Note: if you are not part of our practice, we suggest calling to RSVP so that we can get your email on file to reserve your seat!*)


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